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DVD 2008 No-Gi Worlds & No-Gi Pan 3 DVD Set
  • DVD 2008 No-Gi Worlds & No-Gi Pan 3 DVD Set
  • DVD 2008 No-Gi Worlds & No-Gi Pan 3 DVD Set

DVD 2008 No-Gi Worlds & No-Gi Pan 3 DVD SetDVD 2008 No-Gi Worlds & No-Gi Pan 3 DVD Set
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On August 9th & 10th, 2008 some of the biggest names in jiu-jitsu came
together at California State University Dominguez Hills to compete for
supremacy at the No-Gi World Championships. This collection showcases all
of the excitement, and fast paced action that left spectators in complete awe.
Witness these elite competitors battle for the honor, and glory that comes
with becoming a world champion.

Also included: The 2008 No-Gi Pan Ams from the Nat Holdman gym in NY.

Complete fight list:


World Finals


Caio Terra vs Rafael Freitas
Bruno Frazatto vs Denilson Pimenta
Rubens Charles vs Jeff Glover
Daniel Moraes vs Lucas Lepri
Saulo Ribeiro vs Gregor Gracie
Roberto Alencar vs Bruno Bastos
Antonio Braga Neto vs Roberto Abreu
Rodrigo Cavaca vs Gabriel Vella
Gabriel Vella vs Antonio Braga Neto
Miriam Cardoso vs Leitcia Ribeiro
Bianca Barreto vs Felicia Oh
Michelle Nicolini vs Gabriela Bermudes
Ana Laura Cordeiro vs Penny Thomas
Katrina Weilbacher vs Gabrielle Garcia
Katrina Weilbacher vs Ana Laura Cordeiro
Worlds Best Fights
Simpson Go vs Caio Terra
Shioda Ayumu vs Simpson Go
Brandon Mullins vs Rafael Freitas
Lowell Anderson vs Bruno Frazattos
Denilson Pimenta vs Shane Rice
Johnny Ramirez vs Vinicius Magalhaes
Claudio Cardoso vs Rubens Charles
Rubens Charles vs Karl Pravec
Cristiano Oliveira vs Jeff Glover
Phillipe Della Monica vs Jeff Glover
Bill Cooper vs Carlos Diego Ferreira
Leonardo Soares vs Lucas Lepri
Lucas Leite vs Lucas Lepri
Diego Santana vs Gregor Gracie
Luke Stewart vs Igor Gracie
Saulo Ribeiro vs Igor Gracie
Jason Bukich vs Saulo Ribeiro
Bruno Bastos vs Alexandre Ferreira
Cameron Diffley vs Roberto Alencar
Ulpiano Malachias vs Rodrigo Cavaca
Antonio Braga Neto vs Bill Cooper
Roberto Alencar vs Antonio Braga Neto
Bill Copper vs Jory Malone
Gabriel Vella vs Bruno Bastos
Sonny Nohara vs Gabriel Wolff
Rafael Mendes vs Khalil Moreland
Frank Curreri vs Guilherme Mendes
Nam Phan vs Joel Tudor
Rafael Dallinha vs JT Torres
Jason Hunt vs Adam Figurski
Felipe Fogolin vs Don Ortega
Joao Assis vs Matheus Andre
Joao Assis vs Rick Gumm
Joao Assis vs Stephen Hall
Leo Santos vs Marceu Peixoto
Ary Farias vs Cory Robinson
Jason Eisner vs Ary Farias
Ronis Gracie vs Aaron Buck
Sean Roberts vs Julio Cruz
Pan Best fights
Rafael Freitas vs Samuel Braga
Aaron Milam vs Renan Borges
Rubens Charles vs Daniel Aguiar
Karl Pravec vs Rubens Charles
Daniel Aguiar vs Cristiano Oliveira
Oscar Junior vs Daniel Aguiar
Jorge Patino vs Raphael Chaves
Claudio Cardoso vs Lucas Lepri
Lucas Lepri vs Marcelo Azevedo
Marcelo Azevedo vs Raphael Chaves
Pablo Popovitch vs Tarsis Humphreys
Braulio Estima vs Roberto Alencar
Leo Dalla vs Roberto Alencar
Mikhail Cirkunov vs Andre Gusmao
Mikhail Cirkunov vs Ulpiano Malachias
Bruno Paulista vs Robert Constance
Braulio Estima vs Tarsis Humphreys
Bruno Paulista vs Lucas Lepri
Daniel Tavares vs Rolles Gracie
Lucas Lepri vs Rolles Gracie
Tarsis Humphreys vs Roberto Alencar
Jared Weiner vs Jomari Guarin
Carlos Terrinha vs Vladimir Williams
Steven Bongiorno vs Rogerio Taborda
Steven Kim vs Samuel Puccio
Edson Diniz vs Carlos Neto


Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: English
Release Date: 06/25/09
Other Info: All region DVD




DVD 2008 No-Gi Worlds & No-Gi Pan 3 DVD Set
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