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DVD Pan Am BJJ 2007 Championships
DVD Pan Am BJJ 2007 Championships
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2007 Pan American BJJ Championships 2 DVD Set

Languages:     English
Length:           330 min. on 2 DVDs
Other info:      All region DVD

The 2007 Pan American Jiu Jitsu championships featured some of the
biggest names in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competing in the largest Jiu Jitsu
tournament outside of Brazil. As a bonus, this DVD set includes special
chapters of best sweeps, best takedowns, and best submissions.

Disc 1 Contents 

Black Belt Finals 
Super Feather
Dai Yoshioka vs Robson Moura
Rubens Charles vs Mario Reis
Lucas Gomes vs Rafael Barbosa
Marcelo Garcia vs Edson Diniz
Light Heavy
Romulo Barral vs Tarsis Humphreys
Eduardo Telles vs Flavio Almeida
Super Heavy
Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Cristiano Lazzarini
Super Super Heavy
Rodrigo Medeiros vs Bruno Rodrigues
Open Class
Romulo Barral vs Tarsis Humphreys
Black Belt Best Fights
Renato Teixeira vs Dai Yoshioka
Shane Rice vs Jeff Glover
Bibiano Fernandes vs Jeff Glover
Bibiano Fernandes vs Mario Reis
Fredson Paixao vs Wellington Dias
Rubens Charles vs Pete Han
Rubens Charles vs Wilson Reis
Carlos Vieira vs Cristiano Renato
Marcelo Garcia vs Adriano Silva
Rodrigo Teixeira vs Marcslo Garcia
joao Oliveira vs Tarsis Humphreys
Frederico Sabbatini vs Romulo Barral
Hironori Toyama vs Luke Stewart
Eduardo Ariivabene vs Eduardo Telles
Rodrigo Teixeira vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
Rodrigo Medeiros vs Dimitri Mavragani
Tarsis Humphreys vs Flavio Almeida
Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Romulo Barral
Saulo Ribeiro vs Ailton Barbosa
Marcelo Braga vs Saulo Ribeiro
Cassio Werneck vs Saulo Ribeiro
Francisco Santana vs Amal Easton
Fabio Clemente vs Mike Brown
Roberto Godoi vs Walter Vital 

Disc 2 Contents

Brown Belt Best Fights

Armand Debruge vs Bill Cooper
Vinicius Marinho vs Bill Cooper
Vagner Rocha vs Luca Barum
Kron Gracie vs Paul Schreiner
Kron Gracie vs Abmar Barbosa
Otavio Sousa vs Kron Gracie
Otavio Sousa vs Frost Murphey
Josh Griffiths vs Pablo Alves
Clark Gracie vs Josh Griffiths
Marco Macera vs Josh Griffiths
Josh Griffiths vs Leonardo Ferreira
Kevin Casey vs Tyler Bosard
Purple Belt Best Fights
Felipe Fogolin vs Don Ortega
Unknown Fighter vs Neiman Gracie
Jordan Rivas vs Neiman Gracie
Unknown Fighter vs Neiman Gracie
Ian McPherson vs Kayron Gracie
Kayron Gracie vs Tim Peterson
Kayron Gracie vs Alexander Vamos
Clay Copeland vs Steve Rosenberg


DVD Pan Am BJJ 2007 Championships
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